Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bondage Falaka The Dangers Of Being Low In Petrol

Steffis car runs out of petrol in the middle of the boonies. She tries to hitch hike to buy some petrol and soon she gets a lift from a stranger. But he is not so kind after all, he stops next to a little wood, puts Steffi into a tight hogtie and placed her in the trunc. Her captor tornments her nylon clad feet using a spiky angled ruler. After he is finished he decides to 'accompany' the pretty girl home.

Steffi cries and suffers during the torment of her feet. Her captor drills the spiky angle of his rules deep into her soles and smacks it hard.
You can view this falaka in 82 pictures and in 15:30 minutes of an impressively video!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Feet Guessing Games with Daria - Barefoot Feet Skills

Daria is wearing a beautiful dress and pretty sandals on her lovely feet. Then Steffi presents her with a little sack full of ordinary house-hold items. Daria has to take off her shoes and ventures to guess what each objet is by touching them with her bare feet, the toes and the soles of feet.
Lots of great pictures of Daria and her sweet feet.

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Coco Goes Wild - Crushing

Coco is a little bothered. At first she trips over a toy car, then her lollypop seems to be stuck inside its wrapping. On top of all that her "winnie the pooh" chocolate egg is already half molten by the sun. But rest assured, Coco surely finds a great solution to solve all those problems, and her mood.

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Coco First Foot Fetish Pics

Coco is 19 years old, sweetly disposed and pleasantly self counscious. The girl with the 38/39 sized feet loves everything to do with Japan or comic books.
her In her first foto set with us she discards her shoes and zebra-striped overkneed pantyhose to give her pretty feet some fresh air.

Have a peek at her pretty and soft soles and nearly you can smell her sweaty feet.

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Saskias Art Project - Foot Dominance & Falaka

Saskia gets a falaka for not doing her homework in a satisfactory manner. For punishment she has to write an apology on paper, using only her feet. Of course the result is quite indecipherable. So Saskias ends up with her feet restrained and is charged with writing the apology, by hand, while her naked soles are flogged and caned.

This update contains 156 pictures & 6:63 minutes of video, saskia is struggling and crying while the soles of her feet gets caned and flogged.

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Jule - Hose 'N' Rain - Dirty Pantyhose

Jule is taking a rest during her walk through the fields. "Unfortunately" her boots are a little too tight so Jule finds that she cant possibly walk all the way back in these shoes. She takes them off and we watch her walking the rest of the way on nylon clad soles. Through soft rain and along a little path she walks until her beautiful nylons are all dirty and wet... and even more pretty.

This update contains 96 pictures and 1:40 minutes of video. You can see her pretty toes shining through the pantyhose and after some walk her reaaally dirty soles.

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Alternate Ballet Practice - Dominance and Falaka

Steffi ballett coach says she lacks some motivation when he catches her doing her exercises in a very bored way. Quickly Steffi finds herself in the forest charged with some spiced up, special training tortured with bound feet in her ballett shoes. The young ballerina has to walk the full lenght of the local bare-feet-trail with her wrists and ankles bound. Steffi wears cotton socks an a nylon pantyhose.

During this outdoor session we made 256 pictures and 6:02 minutes of video. See her begging for grace while she has to walk with the ballerina shoes and cuffed feet.

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